Welcome to the Chinutay & Co. blog! Here, I will write regular posts updating you not only on all things Chinutay & Co., but give you personal insights into my life, informing you on beauty, fashion and more. I plan for this space to be a welcoming one for my customers, subscribers and the curious alike. With your input, we can build a community that is inclusive, engaged and always ready to strive forward ‒ together.

For Chinutay & Co., I wanted to create something timeless, not just a fleeting trend, another influencer basking in the limelight or a click-bait gimmick destined to fade. Chinutay & Co. is here to create pieces that will endure, because it's offering something that will never go out of fashion: the opportunity for women to look and feel their best. 

Chinutay & Co. wants to inspire women to be the best versions of themselves, without compromising integrity for the sake of society. As women, we are constantly battling the obstacles that society places in our path, from breaking the glass ceiling to breaking the mould. Each one of us are shaping our world for a better future, and this blog aims to be a part of these beautiful stories. Above all, it hopes to inspire the possibility that we do not have to conform, that we can express ourselves as creatively as we see fit. 

To celebrate these beginnings, I started with a collection of soft, luxurious Georgette chiffon scarfs, handcrafted with care and dyed with classic, rich hues. With the emphasis on not just attaining, but enhancing, minimalist, modest beauty, Chinutay & Co. scarves take the effort out of looking effortless. 

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